Sunday, June 4, 2017

Working Bees

Buzz Buzz... Shhhh... do you hear that sound? It's a beautiful sound, isn't it? There might gnot be a better sound than that of busy bees bumbling about their daily lives. Recently the buzzing has been a bit more quiet than usual and if you ask me, the reasons for the silence are simply too complicated for me to understand. But one thing I do know with certainty, the working bees in this corner of the garden are so much stronger than their size may indicate! And it is great to hear them buzzing again! They love their hive dearly and I can gnot say I blame them. Their hive is full of strong souls who love and support each other dearly and each tiny buzzing soul working hard to do his small part to make the garden a better place. I just adore seeing the hive in action! The garden seems a bit more cheerful again. The garden has missed the buzzing sounds of the busy bees. Thank you, dear little ones; gno doubt the garden is a sweeter place with you in it!

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