Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Gnomish Totem

Oh My Gnomes! Have you ever seen a giggle of gnomes have so much fun? These wee ones are trying their very best to be as tall as they can be. "Why?" you may ask. Well, they're creating a Gnomish totem pole, of course! There are so many types of animals in the garden and these little souls want to love them all! What better way to honor the furry critters and fluffy beasts than with a tall totem pole? It's tough to decide which animals to honor, but the Gnomish community would say, "the more, the better!" Just how many animals can fit into a single totem? Who knows, but perhaps there's room for just one more? Regardless, such a feat will take patience, stability, bravery and an ounce or two of luck. Once the tower of gnomes is complete, gno gnome moves. They barely even dare to breathe! Wait, what's this? Oh dear... it's a ladybug looking to join in on the fun. Whoa! Careful gnow! Easy does it! And... voila! The totem is complete!

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