Friday, June 30, 2017

Guardians of Down Under

Every corner of the garden gneeds its set of guardians to keep an eye out for the fluffy creatures and fuzzy beasts that inhabit it, and the Garden Down Under is gno exception. In fact, this corner of the garden may just require the most elite of all the gnomish guardians to keep its creatures safe because they're extra special. It used to be thought that Emus had a curious look, but gnow the Gnomish Counsel has decided they have a confused look. Emus are gnot exactly the brightest... so it will take a particularly wise soul to help them gnavigate their surroundings and focus on doing whatever it is that emus do best. And koalas? Well don't they just look like a cuddly teddy-bear?? Don't let that confuse you. They are very elusive, hiding high in the trees watching down over everything. They're going to require somegnome who is skilled at doing much the same. The requirements for the positions are tough to meet, but I am gnot surprised that the Gnomish Counsel has found the perfect pair for the job!

Coloring contest entry by Michelle.

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