Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Bit of Eccentric Creativity

Looking for a fuzzy friend to keep you company in your little haven away from the rest of the hectic chaos that life brings? Well, look gno further! It just so happens this little lady has been looking for a place to go when she reads and drinks her tea. She is a skilled little soul who loves to over see the creation of other critters and whatever else the imagination may bring to life! One look at this eccentric lady and you'll quickly see that she has quite the bright and multi-colored personality (and the clothes to match!). She has been looking for the perfect corner gnook where she is gnot confined to just one type of creative outlet. She is a fan of whimsy and anything goes! Purple and green? Yup! Polka dots and stripes? Yes! Throw in a few flowers, leaves, hearts and spirals and she has it all covered! This girl doesn't blend in or sit quietly. Life is too short for anything other than the fun stuff and gnow that she has found her perfect corner gnook, may the fun begin!

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