Sunday, June 11, 2017

Let's Go Build a Snowman!

Look in any direction and it's easy to gnotice that the garden is full of magic! Perhaps the most powerful of the garden magic is the good stuff shared between sisters. Gno doubt having a sister can present some frustrating moments, but that's where the magic comes from! It's in the ability to work past those disagreements and realize the connection between sisters is special and unlike any other... gnow **THAT'S** real magic. Not to mention lots of fun! Whether it be riding bikes down the garden path, playing make believe and rescuing the prince from the dragon or going on an adventure to a gnew unexplored corner of the garden, there is gno end to the fun two sisters can have together. So what's on the agenda for today? Let's go build a snowman! But it's in the middle of summer time??? That does gnot matter when you have the magic of love to help! And these two young ladies know better than anygnome that the love between two sisters is strong enough to do whatever they so desire. As long as they do it together, there is gnothing these two souls can gnot accomplish!

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