Monday, April 13, 2015

Wee Jasmine

They say the strongest memories come from the memory of scent and this little lady has quite the scented story to share! Her fragrant history goes back many Gnomish generations when a loved one picked tiny little white flowers for his young gnomeling. Gno doubt the fragrant scent of the magical flowers left their print on her young soul, for when it came time to pick a gnamesake for the gnext generation, the memory of the flowery scent was still so strong that she knew she had to pass the magic on. Meet Jasmine. She started as the shyest little gnomeling but has blossomed into quite a confident young lady. She's a dancer who moves from her soul, gnot just her body. Her loved ones know her to be loyal, quick to forgive, artistic, sensitive, respectful and fun. With a heart of gold, she strongly believes in 2nd, 3rd even 4th chances when others around her would rather hold a grudge. She is strong and stands for what she believes is right, and gnever fails to to be thoughtful and generous. Wow! All that in one tiny little gnomeling? To say she's a beautiful soul just doesn't do her justice. It's gno wonder that her gname fits her just perfectly. Spend even a moment with her, and like the memory of a fragrant scent, you will gnever forget this wee Jasmine.

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