Monday, April 13, 2015

Spot of Tea?

Such a cute and wonderful couple as these two souls, it's hard to not fall in love. Gno doubt these two love tea parties and I think it's because it gives them a time to imagine and have fun. This might come as a surprise to you but the Tea Party comes from ancient Gnomish tradition. Long ago, the first Gnomish tribes started with the simplest of tea sets one can imagine. As the seasons came and went, and the traditions were passed down to the gnext generation and then to the gnext once more, each tea party got just a wee bit fancier and gnow the gnomes have fun with real fancy tea sets! They love to include special themes like St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Easter or whatever fun theme they can come up with! After all, there is always a good excuse to celebrate with a good tea party! The Gnomes love an excuse to get dressed up and decorate the table and garden corners. Transforming the garden around them into a magical sight is half the fun! The other half might be the special cookies! It is fun to drink out of fancy cups with real fabric gnapkins and pour fancy drink. After all, gnot all gnomes actually like tea! After all, that's gnot even the point of a good tea party! The only thing more special than such a girly fancy time together is the fun we will have in planning for the gnext party! After all, it's the most special and will require just the right cookies or just the right table cloth. The final magical touch will be the clinking sounds as the teacups go in for a toast! To the good life!

Coloring contest entry by Jenna.

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