Monday, April 13, 2015

Gnome of Means by Gno Means

The Gnomish have been traveling to the ends of the garden for generations and generations. Some might look at their adventurous lives and wonder how one would be able to leave all their belongings behind simply to explore a gnew gnook and crany of the garden, but I'll let you in on a Gnomish secret. These spirited souls bring only what matters most, and as such they are gnever in gneed. As long as they have everything they gneed, they are always ready for a little happy dance if the occasion calls for it. So what are the items with the greatest value that he packs into his gnapsack? Now, that's a secret that gno gnome will give away because it's different for every traveling soul. Whether it be a couple jars of smiles or a box of laughter, a traveling gnome always has the means of making the most of life. Add a handful of courage and self-confidence or even a picture of a loved one to his gnapsack and I'm sure his travels will go down in Gnomish History books. Sometimes it doesn't take fancy belongings to have and inspirational life. A gnome of means by gno means? If you ask me, he might be onto something special!

Coloring contest entry by Debbie

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  1. He is so cute! thank you so much! I can't wait until he travels here. Love, Debbie