Monday, April 13, 2015

Astrea, Guardian of Dreams

It only takes one look at this gnome to know that she has been given quite a special job! She's responsible for guarding the most precious thing a dreamer owns - dreams! Whether it be those from when the dreamer is sleeping or awake, there is gnothing worth more to the garden as a good dream. It's the dreams that give the garden around us such great potential for beauty and magic. Everygnome knows that dreams and goals are worth reaching for, but with this big soul by your side, I'm sure you'll believe exactly as I do. You are brave. You are capable. And you deserve magic in your life. You can do this! Tomorrow marks the beginning of the rest of your journey to greatness! So relax and close your eyse, my Gnomish friend. This girl has you covered!

Coloring contest entry by Lily

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