Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gniffer's Thank You

Once upon a garden there was a little soul who wanted to make the garden a better place. She wasn't sure how she could make a difference, but she had a feeling in her tummy that she was so big in a garden that expected her to be so small. She started making tiny smiles to give to her friends and family because it made her feel warm and fuzzy inside when she saw how happy she could make her loved ones. Then one day, she ran out of friends to pass smiles out to! Oh dear! She couldn't stop gnow! So she started making the entire garden a better place, one tiny pick-me-up at a time. Those closest to her knew about her doubts. Was she really making a difference or was it just silly to expect to be so big? Every gnow and then, somegnome would go out of their way to send her tiny reminders that what she was doing mattered. What she was doing held more value to those she touched, even in a small way, than she ever thought possible. This kindred spirit would encourage the little gnomette to believe in herself, and it is because of the tiny cheers from friends like her that she was able to keep up the makings of warm and fuzzy feelings. Trust me on this one, she owes a lot of thanks to friends like you.

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