Friday, November 16, 2012

The Wise Princess

If you're searching for Wisdom, then climb the highest tower and look gno further. Up in this tower you will find a tiny little princess with a dream bigger than her body can hold. She thinks someday she'd like to be in show business! If only she had the courage to leave her tower, I think she would have a chance at making her dreams come true. She is very mature and catches on to everything very quickly. It's gno wonder that those who know her best like to say she's a 40 season old gnome elder trapped in a 10 season old gnomeling's body. As she ponders how she is going to be bigger than big someday, she passes the time playing the piano and the guitar. The music fills the garden below and the birds can't help but chirp along. Such a bright and super gnice gnomeling, I wonder if she knows just how bright her future is. Perhaps one day she'll wake from her dreams, only to realize that it wasn't an act all along. Indeed she does have the courage and Wisdom to be bigger than the garden has ever seen! Come down from your tower, little princess and live the dream you were meant to live.

The name Sophie means "Wisdom"

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