Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poker Face

There is gnothing the gnomes enjoy more than a good challenge and the greatest challenge of all is holding a straight face when you have a great big secret to tell. Gnomes are gnot very good at keeping secrets. They tend to get too giddy and hop around like fuzzy little jumping beans if they're excited. As such, you can imagine how hard it must be for a gnome to play poker. Yes, you heard me. Some gnomes love the challenge of coming up with a good strategy to get the best set of cards. Even more important than the cards they hold is their poker face. Can this wee one hide his excitement for having a big slick?! Now comes the flop... OH!!! Do you think the other gnomes gnotice his twitching toes, anxious to do a happy dance if he wins the hand? And now the turn... Keep it together, little guy. Keep calm. And finally the river... He did it! And all the while he kept his cool. Whew.

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