Friday, July 1, 2011

Wee Twisted

If I were to say you're a little twisted, you may take offense to that statement and be left wondering what I meant by it. But that's not the case for gnomes - they'd know exactly what I meant and they would be flattered. It might even be the best compliment one can give to a young gnome who is nearing the point in her life where she will be leaving the clover patch and venturing on her own into the big garden. When a young gnome is told she is a wee twisted, she knows that means she has a lot of potential - all wounded up in that twist, ready to burst into the world! She'll be able to accomplish so much in the garden, or even beyond the garden wall, if that's where her twist leads her. She knows that if she puts her mind to it, there is nothing she can't accomplish. "Go out and change the world?" she asks. "I accept that challenge!"

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