Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures in the Kinder Garden

This wonderfully silly and very outgoing tiny gnomette is in for a big adventure! Oh for such a small gnomeling, she has had quite a few adventures already! She's very mature for her age and knows how to be gentle with even the tiniest of gnomelings. So sensitive at times she can be! I don't think there is a creature in the garden that hasn't felt her loving touch. She loves them all, whether they are big or small, fuzzy for scaley or even a little slimy. I'm telling you, this brilliant little gal has had some gnomazing times, but just wait until you hear about her next adventure! She's going to Kinder Garden! Oh my Gnomes! I don't think I can even imagine the things she's sure to learn there. I'm sure she'll have no problem learning how to be big in a garden that expects her to be so small!

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