Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bitty Tough Love

What do you suppose is the most magical moment in a garden? There are so many, I know it's hard to choose, but if you asked me I wouldn't hesititate to say that it's the birth of a gnew gnomeling. Oh sure, it's easy to agree with me, but in the moments leading up to that birth, I know it's gnot such an easy thing to remember. Sometimes a mummy-to-be gneeds words of encouragement, that indeed she can do this on her own. She is strong enough and her bitty body is able to do this. This little lady recognizes this hidden strength and knows the secrets to convincing the Mummy-to-be that the strength is all hers. Yes, in the moment it might seem as though it's a bitty tough love, but everygnome knows that when the tiny soul makes his first appearance, begging to be loved, well... there is no question about it - he is well worth it.

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