Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Pocket

Gnever have you known a gnome who has a better sense of humor than this little pocket gnome. She loves to giggle and always knows how to laugh at herself - a rare ability indeed. The silliest thing? This girl just can't stop putting things in her pockets! It would be silly of you to even try to stop her. And look what she has there now? Why it's Fat Boy! How such a fat cat can fit in such a tiny pocket, we may never know but there is no doubt that the two make a gnometastic pair! He's quite the lucky cat and so is she for everygnome from the youngest most playful gnomeling all the way up to the eldest and wisest gnome, they all know and love her. It's obvious that she believes the right beliefs because I can't imagine a better role model, can you?

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