Friday, July 22, 2011

Four Tiny Buttons

Life just can't get any better for this tiny youthful and fiesty little soul! Just look at her, isn't she the image of happiness? She spends her time with her trusty snail friend always close behind, collecting memories along their way. A snail friend? Of course! She has always been openminded and has gnever passed up an opportunity for a wonderful friendship. Everygnome knows that memories are all the more sweeter when shared with a good friend. Oh my gnomes! Look what she has found now! Four little buttons! Aww, aren't they adorable? They remind her of four other little buttons in her life - her tiny grand-gnomelings. She knows right away that these are keepers, so she piles her heavy treasures on top of her trusty snail's back. As she quickly scampers home to show her two beautiful daughters her new treasures, she can't help but giggle at herself for feeling so giddy and happy.

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