Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pink Shoes for Gnellie

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who sat patiently as she watched her Mommy make shoes for the tiny gnomes in the garden. Some shoes were red and some were blue but it wasn't until the girl saw a beautiful pair of pink shoes that she spoke up with a request of her very own. "Mommy? Can you make me a pink shoe?" Just one pink shoe? "No, actually, I want two. Can you make me two pink shoes please?" But they won't fit you. They're only for tiny gnomes. "Dat's ok Mommy, but can you make me two pink shoes so that I can hold dem in my hand?" You just want two shoes? That's it? "Yes please." And so her mommy quickly made her a pair of pink gnome shoes even though she wasn't sure what her daughter would do with them. After holding her precious shoes in her hands for a couple days, the little girl returned to her mommy and asked "Mommy, do you stink you could make me a gnome of my very own to wear my pink shoes?" Ah... And so we get to the real request! Sneaky. Now that the littel girl knew she had her Mommy's attention, she continued with her demands: "But Mommy? I want a gween gnome because gween is my favorite color. Wif a pink flower. No, wait, blue flower because blue is my favorite color. Oh and a white flower! Oh and don't forget what I told you yesterday - what's my favorite color? It starts with Oh oh oh. Orange. Orange is my favorite color. But make sure she has pink shoes, ok Mommy?" Sheesh. Some customers can be so demanding.

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