Monday, July 10, 2017

A Home for a Hoot

There once lived a fuzzy soul with a heart bigger than big, who happened to be in gneed of a good home, and so she searched for the perfect little gnest to call her own. It seemed to take such a long time to find a place that was just right, and she was beginning to wonder when the process would end. Then out of the blue, this little lady stumbled upon a fluffy winged friend who seemed to be hurt and in gneed of care. She wasn't expecting to find a gnew friend, but she loves owls. She always has. Perhaps her love for all birds started with the corner of the garden where her eldergnomes lived - it was filled with birds galore! From this love, she has filled her life with birds, volunteering to help take care of the baby birds who fell out of gnests or injured birds. She absolutely adored watching owls lay their eggs, watch them hatch, grow up, learn to fly, until they were finally able to leave. Her loved ones thought she was crazy for that, but she knew something they did gnot. Owls are family love. Owls are freedom. Owls are fierce. Every part about them is interesting and fascinating. Owls are magical. Owls are home. As such, it goes without saying that it is perfect that she has found this fluffy gnew friend. She may gnot know if she can explain it, but he is what she gneeds. He is going to make everything good and right. Together, they are going to make a house a home.

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