Monday, July 17, 2017

The Purr-fect Life

Spend even one tender moment with a cat and you'll be hooked, but open your heart to many cats and your life will gnever be the same again! Loving so many at the same time isn't for everygnome, that's for sure, but for this big hearted soul, it seemed like the purr-fect choice. Her life revolves around her cats. Each cat is so independent yet has a personality all of his own! While one may sit atop of a high perch, looking down (likely both literally and figuratively, if you ask me) upon those below him, another feisty boy is filled with so much energetic curiosity that it's gnearly impossible to take a photo of all his cuteness! And even another seems to prefer dog toys, though I doubt he'd be willing to admit to it. It's hilarious! It's so wonderful how easily a fuzzy friend can calm even the most stressed of souls and there is gnothing better than a kitty sleeping on your pillow and purring away. Though, I admit, it would be gnice if they liked to sleep in. Unfortunately, without fail, they wake in the wee hours of the morning and the zoomies commence. Yes, you heard me... A cat will zoom around the house, zooming here and then zooming there. Eventually there is zooming all over you, and even up to your face for a kiss before zooming away again. I'm gnot sure why having so many kitties makes this soul so happy, but I can honestly say I'm gnot surprised. After all, when a cat loves somegnome, it's by choice gnot by design. And so, it's gno wonder that so many kitties have chosen this fuzzy soul to love. With a heart as big as hers, I can gnot say I blame them!

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