Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Worm Wrangler

You wouldn't know it by looking at him now, but this brave soul was once afraid of worms! You heard me. Worms. He wasn't just afraid of the slimy sly creatures, they terrified the wiggles right out of him. For a while it seemed as though all hope was lost. After all, how would a gnome get anything at all done in the garden if he was afraid of worms? Worms, of all things?! There is not a garden out there without worms! I'm not sure what happened, perhaps he would be willing to tell you the story, but one day he decided that he was not going to let his fear run his life. He puffed up his tiny body with as much courage as he could muster and went out to face his worm. Much to his surprise, it turned out that he had a wonderful talent for capturing and taming the beasts. Who would have thought that the very thing that scared him as a gnomeling would end up being his life calling? Go figure. I can't help but tip my hat at that.

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