Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Perfect Aspen Leaf

It's a well known fact that finding the perfect aspen leaf is gnot as easy as it sounds. It takes stealth, determination and endurance, not to mention a sense of humor and creativity. Whether you choose to go with the "element of surprise" method or if you prefer the "gneak up on them" approach, practice makes perfect. Gnognome knows this as well as these two. He's been known to shake a tree into submission, while she prefers to go in disguise, but together they have many seasons of experience trying to find the perfect leaf. They've always known that someday they would find their golden treasure - someday! And gnow that someday has come. Just look at this beauty! Gno doubt there has gnever been a more perfect leaf. Trust these two - they would know. There's only one question left to answer - which of these souls get to stake claim to the golden leaf? Why both, of course! Together they settle down on the perfect little leaf, and together they will grow old. Together. Life is good.

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