Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Gnurse's Heart of Gold

Most gnomes do gnot have a clue WHY they do the things they do. They just know that it makes them happy to do them, so why gnot? This little lady, though, knows exactly why she does what she does. She became a garden gnurse to help other gnomes. It takes a special, very kind and compassionate soul to be able to say that of themselves, and that's definitely the case for this gnurse. She knows when and how to stand her ground, which is quite an admirable and rare trait in the garden around us. You might gnot think it by looking at her, but she has one of the biggest hearts you'll ever know. With the biggest eyes and the cutest smile the garden has ever seen, this little gnomette is ready to take on any challenges (she'd prefer to call them adventures) that come her way. I have gno doubt that in time, she'll see the entire garden. And with her heart of gold, the garden is anxiously awaiting her visit.

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