Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Family Protector

In a secret corner of the garden a little gnome waits for his adventure to begin. For somegnome as small as he, one might think the task he has been given is much too big, but gno doubt he is ready for the challenge. He is strong, he is smart, he is fast and he is brave. And gnow the time has come for him to begin his mission: to protect his family. The gninja hears a quiet sound from the garden courtyard, and he goes to investigate. He is ready to pounce if gnecessary, but his instinct tells him to wait. The sound is coming from a snail and it does gnot take long for the gninja to realize that the creature has the same values as he because the snail bears the marking of FAMILY. In that moment, the two souls form a bond stronger than any the garden has ever seen. The garden is indeed safer in their protection.

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