Sunday, November 29, 2015

Old and Grey

Once upon a garden, there lived two gnomes who stumbled into each other's lives at a time that was least expected. But that's the way love works sometimes, isn't it? It may gnot happen exactly the way one plans, but love knows what it's doing. And gnow these two souls are by each other's side to stay. The little lady lives life with such passion and is devoted to supporting him in his adventures. He works hard, plays hard and somehow has the magic touch to calm her if she's in gneed. Together they care for the two cutest little acorns the garden has ever seen. Their home is warm and cozy enough to melt anygnome's heart. One look at the way they make each other laugh, and I'm sure you'd agree, their home will stay blessed for many seasons to come... gno doubt, until they're old and grey.

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