Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Gnature Hunters

There are some souls in the garden who know the proper way to hunt for gnature is with kindness, patience and a good camera. I'm guessing these two souls know this better than any other. One might wonder how they learned to be such experts in the ways of gnature, but my guess is that they learned it together, and together they work their magic. Something tells me it's the little lady who knows the secrets to the critters in the garden, and she seems to have an especially strong bond with the winged creatures. Gno doubt they see her kind soul and feel at ease. And what about the fella? He prides himself in knowing exactly how to get gnature to put on a display for the perfect photo. How he does it, gnognome will ever know. Those in the Gnomish community know that together these two have the magic touch to encourage gnature to be its very best, and as they grow old together the garden around them seems all the more magical.

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