Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rainbow Painter

Once upon a garden there lived a wee soul who believed with every ounce of her tiny body that the garden around her gneeded more color. In fact, she doubted very much that the garden could ever have too much of it, so she decided to help the Gnomish community create different hues and tones in the garden around her. It sounds like quite a big task for somegnome so small, but she had a plan. First, she would come up with a gnew color, then she would determine where in the garden would this gnew color make the biggest impact. Maybe it would belong in a sunset? Those are always fun to paint. Or maybe it would make a flower bed pop! With each gnew hue, she gets even more fluttery with excitement! It was so much fun for her to splat colors here! Every gnow and then she would find herself especially motivated and would use all her coloring expertise to paint a gorgeous rainbow in the sky. Just imagine how dull the garden would be without her. No thanks. I much prefer the colors that melt your heart, brighten your smile and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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