Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dragon Soul

If you're like most, you probably think of dragons as being vicious creatures who may deserve to be respected but don't likely make for good snuggle companions. After all, it's hard to imagine wanting to hug a creature that could easily burn you to a crisp. Forget all the scary things you think you know about these majestic creatures, because this fuzzy soul has just proved them all wrong. Gno doubt this little lady has a great big soul, worthy of a dragon's respect. Few others in the garden understand the creatures quite like she. From the very beginning, she has always known that dragons, too, love a good snuggle. They may have the reputation of being vicious creatures, but deep down they're nothing but warm hearted souls who are completely dedicated to their loved ones. It takes a special soul to look past all she has heard through the bad press that these majestic creatures get in traditional fairytales, and see them for what they really are. Like the dragon, she is strong. She is wise. She has a big heart. She commands respect (and snuggles).

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