Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keeper of the Robin's Eggs

I know a fuzzy gnome whose soul is bigger than big. She happens to take the Golden Rule to heart more than anygnome else I know. Perhaps you've heard of it? Do unto others as you'd have done unto yourself. This Golden Rule can be traced back to ancient Gnomish times, and it remains just as important today as it did oh so many seasons ago. Everygnome in the community prides themselves in living their lives according to this rule, but this little lady takes it a step further. She has decided to use her kindness to look after those even smaller than herself. It can be quite a challenge for somegnome so small to find a soul even smaller, but she has her heart set on the robins. Or perhaps I should say, the robin's eggs. With every ounce in her tiny body, she musters up the courage to protect the defenseless eggs as they sleep peacefully in their gnest. She assures that they feel as warm as can be, without a care or worry. Such a cute little thing, I'd say she has shown the garden around her that even the smallest of souls can make the biggest difference.

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