Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keeper of the Garden

This little lady is so giddy with excitement that she is having a hard time keeping herself grounded. Ever since she was a wee gnomeling she has loved gardens, especially those filled with lots of pretty flowers! There is gno more peaceful place than a perfect little corner in a perfect little garden filled with perfect little flowers and perfect fluttery butterflies. She has always dreamed of finding a perfect little garden to call her own, one that is in gneed of a little guardian like herself to watch over it. At last, she has found it! She flutters every which direction, making sure every daffodil is in its proper spot. She flies over this way to check on the snowdrops peeking out of the winter's snow. Then she zips over that way to prepare the garden for the arrival of the bluebells. There's so much to be done, but at last she glides down to the window sill and watches over her pretty garden, admiring all of her hard work. Gno doubt, with this lady watching over it, this little garden will be kept safe for seasons to come.

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