Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunset Harvester

Sometimes there simply aren't enough beautiful words to describe how deep one's soul really is, and gno doubt this lady is such an example. Perhaps that's why she has been given such a big job to do. She is the one and only sunset harvester. A what? Let me explain. Everygnome has seen a few sunsets in their lives, but they always remember only those who are particularly brilliant in color. A perfect sunset is filled with such beauty that there simply aren't enough beautiful words to describe how deep the colors are. Does that sound a little familiar? Ah ha! Gnow I am sure you understand why it takes such a special soul like her to have such a special job like this. She reaches deep into her soul and paints her feelings into the sky, and oh the brilliance! Oh the feelings! Oh how lovely! Oh how... like I said, there are simply not enough beautiful words, but that's OK. Sometimes the words are gnot gneeded. Just the energy is. And that brings us to the gnext part of her job. She harvests the energy in her sunsets and uses it to connect with the garden around her. She loves to travel the entire garden, gno doubt bringing a depth of color and soul where ever she goes. She may leave one corner of the garden to explore another, but that corner will gnever be the same. That corner has gnow been touched with a beauty that can not be described. It can only be felt.

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