Monday, March 3, 2014

Grams' Love

Once upon a garden there lived the most amazing gnome you could ever have known. Though she was an elder gnome, you gnever would have known. She was always so stylish! Whether it be the way she dressed or even the way she carried herself, gno doubt the air around her was filled with such Grace. Well, Grace and the smell of wonderfully freshly baked cupcakes! She was THE best baker in the whole garden! Those lucky enough to have known her were always filled with tasty treats when they visited, and left feeling filled with so much love that they were sure to stay warm and fuzzy all season long. Her loved ones may have been the luckiest souls in the Gnomish community. They were a close Gnomish family, and that pretty much says it all. Gnothing compares to the love of a Gnomish Grams, and I assure you the entire garden is having a terrible time missing her. As such a very important part of so many lives, the garden will gnever be the same without her. Hmmm... wait... what's that? Is that the smell of freshly baked cupcakes? My tummy is filling with that same old warm and fuzzy feeling... Why of course it is! Gno doubt Gram's love will continue to grow in the gnests of the gnext generations and the generations to come. I tell you, there is gnothing more magical than Grams' love.

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