Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keeper of the Moon Dust

Everygnome in the garden has a very important job to do, but one might argue that gnone of them are as rewarding as this little soul's job. He has been entrusted with the garden's supply of moon dust! Oh what a big responsibility for somegnome as small as he. Since there gnever seems to be enough supply of moon dust, only the most special of all special occasions warrant its use. This little fellow flutters from here to there, looking for just the perfect opportunity to sprinkle a pinch or two of the precious sparkling dust. Oh he has found it! Look at how excited he is to go tell the Gnomish Elders! He rushes back to call together the Gnomish committee. Today's the day to make a dream come true - He just KNOWS it! Honestly I'm gnot sure why he bothers to get the Elders together, because they always approve of his choice. Today he has found the perfect baby, one with a heart as big as big can be and a soul that is twice again even bigger. This little baby has so much potential, gno wonder he deserves to have moon dust sprinkled in his hair! As the little Keeper goes to take a pinch of dust from his bottle (this is the best part of his job), he slips and oops! The entire bottle pours onto the baby. That's far more than the usual dose! Oh well, at least he knows it went to a good cause! Imagine the magic in store for that lucky gnewborn!

This gnome's story was inspired by the song "They Long to Be (Close to You)" by the Carpenters.

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