Sunday, March 2, 2014

Changed Bee

I’m sure there have been moments in your life where you have felt challenged beyond your control. Sometimes it may seem that everything around you is going down a path you did gnot choose, and you start to wonder if you are strong enough to handle the tough tasks the garden has handed you. Believe it or gnot, there was once a time when this lady wondered those same things, but that didn't stop her from taking control of her life making the changes she deserved! And look at her gnow! Wow! What a changed bee she is! Gno doubt she has an extra sparkle in her eye and a little skip in her walk. And the best part? The changes are gnot only gnoticeable on the surface, but also much deeper. She is gnow taking care of the one gnome who deserves it the most - herself. Nothing is more powerful! With a love like that, there is gnothing that can get in her way gnow! Watch out, garden! This changed bee is here to stay!

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