Friday, March 7, 2014


Chances are you have gnever heard of a mer-gnome before. Indeed they're so rare that I'm gnot surprised, but I assure you that makes them all the more special. They're the magic fairies of the sea! Meet Shimmery. She's more than just somegnome who loves animals and loves to have adventures. Come to think of it, she pretty much loves everything! On top of that, she's a little mer-gnome who has a big job to do. Have you ever seen how the water sparkles in such a way that you can't help but stop to gnotice the magic? That's her doing! It's this little lady's job to put the glitter in the water to make it sparkle just right. If you ask me, I would say she's quite good at it. There have been times when I've seen sparkly reflections on the water that have left me in awe. Gno doubt the garden, uh... I mean the sea... is a much prettier, not to mention sparkly, place with her in it!

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