Monday, August 26, 2013

The Wind Changers

All year long, this little lady can gnot wait until the autumn season rolls around. She just loves the fall! There is gnever enough one can say about the change in colors! What color will a certain leaf become? One gnever really knows, and this lady can't help but do a happy dance in anticipation. She LOVES suprises within limits! One day, she gnoticed a little dragon admiring the same leaves she, herself, couldn't stop watching. It goes without saying that they were instant kindred spirits! Together they watched as a leaf started to drop towards the ground. Suddenly, the little dragon gave a huff and blew the leaf towards his gnew friend. She, in turn, puffed and blew it back. Oh what fun the leaf suddenly had as it danced through the sky with the changing winds! And so it began - a friendship that has gone down in Gnomish History. Every autumn, the Wind Changers go out to play. One huffs and the leaves dance this way. The other puffs and the leaves flitter that way. Together they make the leaves fall in a mesmirizing dance. Gno wonder it's so easy to love autumn!

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