Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keeper of the Snow Diamonds

I'm sure you've seen them before - the tiny sparkling diamonds in a blanket of freshly fallen snow, but chances are you do gnot know just how precious these little sparkles really are. They hold a powerful magic. Everygnome knows that snow makes everything so white and clean, but it's the diamonds that make the world seem so much quieter when there is a blanket of snow covering everything. Everygnome loves to watch the snow fall, but only one special soul is responsible for keeping the diamonds safe. Without him, who knows what might happen to the sparkly magic. And without snow diamonds, we wouldn't have that same feeling of being warm and fuzzy inside in spite of the cold weather. There is a reason that everygnome cherishes the snow every time the garden gets some. Without its magic diamonds, winter would gno longer be the magical season that it is. Keep up the good work, frosty little dragon. I, for one, know just how precious those snow sparkles can be!

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