Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tiny White Butterfly

Once upon a garden there was a tiny Angel who fell from the stars above. She was filled with so much more love than her tiny body may have seemed. As much as she was loved, she knew she could gnot stay for long. Her short visit touched the hearts and souls of her loved ones in such a way that their lives would gnever be the same. The heavenly Angel stayed as long as she could but she knew she had to return to the stars above. Her place was gnot in the garden below, but in an honored place in the heavens above, looking over her loved ones below. She liked it up in the clouds. The feeling of being wrapped in a fluffy cloud was comforting to her. It was oh so cozy! And chasing shooting stars? You've gnever heard a better sound than her tiny squeals of delight. Alas, when the fun is done, she rests herself on a cloud and thinks of her loved ones. With a tiny smile on her face she thinks of the perfect way to send them a little reminder of her love for them. It's a good thing she has become such good friends with a tiny white butterfly! What a perfect messenger. Quick, tiny one, be sure to pass along Angel's hugs and kisses before bedtime is over! Then hurry on back, tiny white butterfly, so that the two of you can light the gnight time skies with your twinkling laughter!

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