Friday, August 16, 2013

For the Love of Books

If you looked up "librarian" in any good Gnomish dictionary, you might expect to find somegnome who is quiet and shy. You might even expect to see her wearing glasses with her tip tied in a bun, but you would be wrong! So very wrong! This lady, the best of the Gnomish librarians, is anything but the typical image you probably see in your head. She is a pretty sassy librarian - the kind that reminds us of the magic a good book can hold. She was a teacher before she became a librarian, so she knows how to have lots of fun. She is a super social butterfly among those in the garden who know her best. If you would ask her, she might even say she has the best job in the entire Gnomish community. She loves teaching gnomes; she loves books; and she LOVES finding things. What better fit than helping gnomes find far away lands and have exciting grand adventures without ever having to leave the comfort of their cozy gnooks? She may be quite the book worm to the core, but there is gnothing that excites this little lady more than the idea of sharing the magic that flows from a good book and into her heart. Sometimes her excitement gets the best of her and her elders gneed to shhhh her quite a bit. Honestly though, if you knew of all the treasures the library holds like she does, then you would have a hard time staying quiet too. Shhh... remember, magic aside, this is a library after all.

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