Sunday, December 9, 2012

Menorah Manager

With every holiday season comes great responsibility for every gnome in the garden, and this little one might have the biggest responsibility of them all. It's his job to manage the Menorah - a Menorah Manager, if you will. A what huh? A Menorah Manager is in charge of keeping up with the lights on the Menorah. Gnot only are there rules for when each candle is allowed to be lit, but it's also important to keep them from being blown out. Those are the obvious duties of a Menorah Manager. It's the subtle ones that I doubt he gets any credit for, like making sure that each flickers with a sense of celebration that sets the stage for all the gnomes within sight. These days are days to celebrate miracles. Without the Menorah Manager, well I'm sure the season wouldn't be so gloriously warm.

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