Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Pickle

There once was a sour soul who simply could gnot get into the spirit of Christmas. All the other gnomes around him seemed to be filled with holiday cheer and yet he was filled a sour taste through and through. Gnever before had the Gnomish Council known a gnome who didn't love to give others warm fuzzy feelings during the holidays so they punished him by banning him to a place where he had to watch children opening their presents on Christmas morning.  Perhaps after seeing the magic a child's eyes bring when they light up, then he would gno longer be such a sour puss? Though the pickle of a gnome stayed as hidden as possible, one small child saw him. "Mommy! Mommy! There's a pickle in the tree!" Of course, his Mommy didn't believe him and told him that if there really was a pickle, he could be the first to open a present. Imagine her surprise when he pointed to the pickle and did a little squeal of delight knowing he could go first, even before all his older siblings! Sure enough, the Gnomish Council was right. That sound? That magical glorious squeal? Oh, that turned this sour soul into a wonderfully sweet, though admittedly strange, Christmas tradition!

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