Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dragon by Ellie (age 5)

RARR! Oh there is no need to hide. That's just my little pet dragon. He's a friendly dragon so he won't bite you. Sometimes when he's hungry he will blow fire to cook his food, but otherwise he's safe. If he is blowing his fire, though, you don't want to get very close. The fire might hurt you and then the dragon would be sad because he didn't want to hurt you. What a sweet little dragon. It seems like he always has a big smile on his face to match his big eyes. His favorite thing to do is to fly way up high and look down below for the perfect rock. He collects rocks for his loved ones and has a special talent for finding the best ones. He also has a certain talent for making me smile even when he doesn't know I'm looking at him.

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