Monday, December 10, 2012

Latke The Gnome

Meet Latke the Gnome. You might be able to guess where he got his gnickname. He absolutely LOVES potatoe pancakes with applesauce! As such you shouldn't be surprised to hear that Hanukkah is his favorite holiday because it means he can eat Latkes all week long! Yummy! Every gnight is like a tiny celebration and he gets to help light the menorah. He enjoys watching the candles burn with a flickering flame that just seems to be dancing in celebration. Best of all, he loves the responsibilty he has been given to make sure gno gnome blows the candles out! It's an important job. I hope he doesn't get too distracted by the scent of a gnewly baked batch of Latkes! Mmmm... The cold season simply can't get any more warm and cozy than this!

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