Sunday, December 16, 2012

For Eye Ball Man by Ellie (age 5.5)

Have you ever noticed all the magic around you? The sparkle of diamonds in freshly fallen snow, perhaps? Or maybe the sound of leaves dancing in the wind? Sometimes if I sit really really still I can see magic all around me, like the way my heart beats to the sound of a good song or the way a smile is so contageous. But sometimes I wish I could see MORE. Sometimes I wish I had as many eyes as the Eye Ball Man I know. He has so many eyes, and they're always looking in every direction, that he never ever ever misses out on the magic around him. It's no wonder he is always as happy as can be. If only I had more eyes then I could look up while looking down. I could look behind me while running as fast as I can. I wouldn't miss a thing! Life would be oh so grand if I was lucky enough to be an Eye Ball Man!

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