Sunday, August 19, 2012

Themepark Adventurers

Look at these two adventurers! This gnomish couple have gno doubt that that they live in the best place in the garden! They live gnear their favorite theme park! Jealous? Me too! Once a month, they make it a point to pack their 3 little gnomelings and will camp out for the day in the most magical corner of the garden. How exciting! With every sniff of popcorn and funnel cake, or glimpse of the giant bouquets of balloons, this gnome family keeps building memories one by one. It seems that the balloons float as high as their spirits. This is a place of happiness, of smiles, and of timelessness. It is a place of magic and of dreams coming true. As they step foot through the gates, these soul mates remember what it was like to be a child again. Magic, I tell you. Pure magic. And the best part? They gnow get to build memories with their own gnomelings and experience it for the FIRST time again and again through their children's eyes! What an adventure!

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