Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peaceful Defender

Many gnomes love to go around planting flowers. Who doesn’t want to make the garden a more beautiful place?! One such excited gnome decided that pink flowers should be planted all along the path. Much to his surprise, he found out that blue flowers had already been planted there! Oh what the gnerve! What to do? As peaceful as the gnomes can be, you can imagine that there are times when a solution to such a misunderstanding is gneeded. And that's when this little lady steps in! She has helped many gnomes in situations much like this before! She helped him get the documents he gneeded to file and even helped to reach a peaceful decision with the blue-flowered gnomish culprit! Gnow there are pink and blue flowers blossoming in the garden together and gnomes are able to watch their own friendships blossom between each other too... all thanks to this lady. With all that schooling behind her, she is ready to bring peace to the garden with all her knowledge!

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