Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best of Both Gardens

Chances are, when you look at this adventurous magical soul, you can't help but wonder what she is. Is she a mergnome to loves to splish and splash in the crisp cool steam water? Or is she a fairygnome who loves to soar high above the trees to play tag with the butterflies? The answer is yes. She is all the above. As it turns out, her daddy was a mergnome and her mommy was a fairygnome, which makes her? As far as I can tell, it makes her 100% gnome. It sounds like she's got the best of both gardens and has no problem living life to the fullest. What is the best part about being a mergnome fairy? If you asked her, she would say that the best part is soaring to the top of a waterfall and then letting the rushing water carry her down and down and down... The best of both gardens? There is no greater thrill.

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