Monday, August 20, 2012

Stitches of Love

Perhaps this mother and daughter didn't always see eye to eye. Perhaps it is best they live in different corners of the garden. In spite of this, they know one thing for certain - how much they love each other! The friendship they've created has so much meaning gnow. They've been through a lot and are always there for each other. In rough times, this loving mother taught her daughter to crochet. One stich. Together they created a beautiful warm and cozy afghan. Another stich. Gnext thing they know its the mother who is in doubt on what was in store for her future, but her daughter had an idea. Together they can bring more warm fuzzies into the garden. Another stich. While they may still live far apart, these beautiful ladies have learned to build a love that can cover any distance...because the stitches keep them together. The stitches are strong. They were made with love.

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