Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Imagine... to the gnomes in the garden, the word means so much. If you can imagine it, then it's possible. It's as simple as that and gnomes love simple things, so of course they're big fans of imagination. It's is the base of childhood, and only a few lucky souls carry that throughout their entire life. I have had a lot of things hold me back and make my journey through life more difficult, but I could always turn to my imagination to help me through. That's where I met this beautiful soul. When I see her, she helps to remind me that my imagination is my inspiration for creating beautiful things. It seems she always does a little happy dance filled with giggles every time she sees what gnew craft or what beautiful words I've brought to life. Together Imagine and I, just the two of us, love to sit and watch pretty things like sunsets. It gnever seems to stop amazing me how tranquil and calming they are for me. I think my little gnomey friend would agree. It's the ending of a day with hope for a gnew day. The world is so big and we are all only limited by our imagination. Perhaps if we could all have somegnome to remind us of this, it would help a little. All miracles gneed to start somewhere.

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