Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Hearts

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful gnomette whose tiny world was turned upside down when she met her special gnomey. It happened at a hat party, which you know must have been a good party. The instant this gnomette saw his tall pointy hat, she just KNEW he was her love. She quickly learned that she couldn't resist his cute French accent or his trusty Schroooompf either. They bashfully exchanged hearts and from that moment on, their heads were filled with parades of love as they schroompfed all around together eating Carissa-toast, sipping Earl Grey Creme tea, flying kites, cuddling their little bodies together, contra dancing with all the cute old gnomes, massaging, frequenting Splash Cafe as often as possible and finishing their days with cinnamon buns, plenty of icing, and sweet sweet kisses. Life in the garden couldn't be any better!

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